Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Good things, bad things, about Burien Olympic Cafe

Good things about the Olympic Coffee and Roasting Cafe in Burien:
  • It's close to the SEA airport
  • They place quiet calm classical music
  • The internet connection is fast
  • It's not crowded
  • It's very close to a friend's place, who like to host me for lunch
  • The chair is comfortable, and the table is large enough

Not-so-good things about the Olympic Coffee and Roasting Cafe in Burien:
  • It looks like it's trying to be a clean "corporate coffee" place, out-starbucking Starbucks.
  • The drinks are mediocre.
  • The tea is worse than mediocre. And after drinking at Remedy, my standards have gotten very high, especially for greens.
  • There is no eye candy. Instead it's full of little clusters of senior citizens. Even the barista is a older lady.
  • Did I mention how disappointed I am in the green tea? Both weak and scorched.

Update. And the worst thing about Olympic Coffee and Roasting Cafe, is they close at 3pm. WTF!
Tags: cafe, review, work

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