Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Barry Cooper sees the light

I used to break into houses at three o'clock in the morning with 10 other men, after throwing a flash grenade through the window, Cooper says. I would drag Mom and Dad away and send the kids to the department of human services — over a bag of pot — and totally ruin that entire family. I started reaping what I had sown.


Cooper plans to make a second DVD called Never Get Raided Again. Texas narcotics officers like that project even less. They're worried that if someone uses Cooper's tips on avoiding a raid, a police officer could get hurt. link

Boo fricking hoo. Cops care not at all for who they hurt, and they divide the world into upper caste of "cops" and lower caste of "everyone else", and are outraged when a "somebody else" defies their manhood. Why should anyone care about them?
Tags: cops

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