Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Still sick

Homemade Miso soup, while not amazing, was comforting.

It literally takes under five minutes for water and other fluids to run thru my body, end to end. I didn't think it could flow that fast thru the tubing. My theory is that it's being output by my large intestine as fast as it's is absorbed by my small intestine.

This can't be good for my kidneys, given the complete lack of flow from that particular biological subsystem.

Why does the gas that my gut is generating, that is escaping in the reverse direction, taste and smell like hydrogen sulfide? Where is my body and/or gut getting the sulfur?

I felt fine last night, I felt fine all night, I felt fine when I woke up. In the time I walked down the stairs this morning at 8:45am and then walking back up, is when I abruptly felt unwell.

I can't sleep in my own bed, because I've overslept in it today. And now I've overslept in the futon in the house library.

I'm not sure which is worse, the painful muscle knots, the double lobed headache, the intestinal distress, or that my brain is malfunctioning.

People have to repeat themselves three times for me to parse their words. Playing Go is utterly pointless. I could be beaten by a random-number generator right now.And trying to focus on coding is a complete non-starter.

Which is too bad, because some of the very best software development I've ever done, I did while I was even sicker than this. Not this time.

I did bring jatg's latest 24 Hour Comic online, but it took me a good 45 minutes to do it, instead of the 90 second it should have taken.

Still sick. And bored too.
Tags: life, sick

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