Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Life, the past few days...

Doing laundry, washing clothes, sheets, towels, and rugs.

Draining the hot tub. It really needs it.

I'm not at the Zombie Mob in Fremont right now, tho it sounds like fun.

Went to Dim Sum at 1pm today with intrepid_reason hollyking hollyqueen and someone else today. After about 15 minutes of driving the grid around the restaurant, looking for parking, I nearly burst with rage at all the Football fans who had filled up every spot in the IDist and in SoDo.

I did tech for LRS last night. The show went really well. omahas was my guest comp for the evening. She seemed to have had a ball. I got a lot of complements for my outfit, a formal shirt with a Mao collar, and a full 3/4 circle cape.

I spent a lot of yesterday in the company of adrienne_r. Spent a lot of time at Remedy hacking code while she knit, and we chatted. hvc joined us for lunch and some time at Remedy.

The code I was hacking was/is a Perl XS interface to krow's libmemcached library.

I have a gig, to write a specialized memory-based MySQL storage engine for a startup in darkmode. I have a week get it done.

hvc has taught me how to play Go. She still regularly beats me at it, but I'm getting better. I can even occationally beat GNU Go. Given that I'm no good at all at these kinds of deep thinking games, it's been pretty fun.
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