Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

hacking docs, to libmemcached

So, yesterday, while he and I were working together at Remedy Tea, krow wrote a pile of documentation for libmemcached.

Later that evening, while sitting at the Gaia Consort concert, and with a quarter litre of good wine inside me, I pulled his update, and set to work fixing syntax, grammar, spelling, and clarity problems with it. He spent some time looking over my shoulder, helping with that.

One of the last things I did before falling asleep in my own bed, was to run pod2man *.pod, and then discover that particular command, if run with a set of filenames, reads input from each odd numbered file, and write the output to each even numbered file.

I hadn't committed my work, so that means I just lost half of it. Crud!

So, today, I hacked on those docs more, fixing last nights lossage, and fixing more stuff.

I'm certainly not a tech writer, but I like good documentation

Stuff that I can fix with just a checkin, I liking being able to do.

As opposed to doing stuff with a "process", a style guide, an editoral staff, too many cooks, and rounds of committee meetings.

I have the sun lamps going, and the dogs and cats are sleeping around me.
Tags: docs, geeky, libmemcached

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