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Mark Atwood
Perl rants, do anything, load half of CPAN, eventually
Every time I upgrade a couple of Perl modules in the CPAN shell, it ends up sucking in another dozen new modules. What is "Purple" (ah, a Perl interface to libpurple. (And when and why did that get installed?)). And why is it now sucking in "DBD::SQLite" and "HTTP::Server::Simple"? And now "DBD::SQLite" is forcing the load of "DBI"...

Eventually the Perl community might as well admit it up front, if you do anything, you're going to load a majority of CPAN into your machine. They might as well just make the perl binary a bittorrent node for CPAN...

And so many of these modules fail their test suite, and emit basic warnings as complaints about using uninitialized variables. I'm glad that people are writing tests, I just wish they would make their code pass those tests! All that downloading and time spent running tests, tests failed, modules not loaded, wasted time, wasted transfer.

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