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Mark Atwood
The Charlie Stross Gathering at the Elysian
This evening at about 5, I met up with elfs at a large ritzy hotel downtown, and waited for autopope to arrive. We ended up waiting a few hours, because he landed a bit later than originally expected, so we spent the time geeking out, and looking very different than the expensively dressed travelers and the ornately uniformed staff.

Charlie did finally arrive, looking surprisingly present for someone who's jetlagging hard and had just spent 10.5 hours crammed into a seat on a 747. He dumped his bags, freshened up, and then we hauled him up to the Elysian on Capitol Hill.

Most everyone else expected, about a dozen people, were already there, and the conversation boiled and bubbled for the next several hours.

Charlie's beers were comped by the bartender, who was apparently a big fan of his book.

I very nearly couldn't get my car out after, as the entrance to the small parking lot was mostly blocked by the truck that was delivering the grain to the brewery.

After it was over, at the appointed hour, we hauled him back to to his hotel, and injected him back into the ritzy thin luxury that is a generic world-traveler hotel, so he could hopefully sleep and awake running on local time, for his huge array of talks, presentations, and interviews tomorrow.

I am very pleased, it went very well.

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