Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Dear Lazyweb. vCard IM addresses, as done by Apple and Microsoft.

The vCard standard does not currently have a standard way to express IM address (ICQ, AIM, YM, MSN, XMPP, etc). There are assorted discussions and proposals, but nothing solid. So I am reduced to looking at where the rubber meets the road.

How does Microsoft Outlook and the Apple Macintosh OSX contact manager do it?

If y'all export your personal vCard or interesting addresses from your own contact list, especially if you have IM addresses in them, and email them to me at, so I can pick them apart, I'd appreciate it.

Update: I was just sent a link to RFC4770, "vCard Extensions for Instant Messaging". Cool! Of course, do Apple and Microsoft actually honor it?
Tags: geek, vcard, xmpp

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