Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Randoms. Seattle Grey, a May/Sept Dyke Couple, LRS retreat, and Neanderthal Man

I think The Lid has come down, and Seattle's beautiful summer (the secret we try to hide from the rest of the world) has about come to an end. Today is cool and grey and dim, with the promise of more coolness, more greyness, and more dimmness to follow.

Several weeks ago I saw an odd couple. A very dyky dyke in her late 50s, and her very dyky babydyke girlfriend. Said young girlfriend was old enough to drive, probably not old enough to drink, and it was a coin-toss if she was old enough to vote. And yes, they were a couple, the way they were touching was not family or "just friends". Why is it that a Ff couple is able to get away with it, but a Mf or Mm would be gathering "ewww"s from all around, and an Fm would be raising eyebrows?

I attended the Little Red Studio start of season retreat this past weekend. It was social, it was fun, I ate entirely too much roasted meat, I met some really cool people. Art and theater geeks, instead of computer and net geeks, tho most of them had never heard of the modern construction of the term "geek". We did some exercises which were rather basic for theater types, and were utterly terrifying for me. We did a group skit brainstorming and then performance. And then we did guest-meet-greet-handle-handoff practice.

A few days ago, I saw a man who's face looked JUST LIKE an artists recontructions of a Neanderthal face from it's skull. He had a very heavy brow, a very low sloping forhead, very heavy eye bone ridges, and a huge heavy jaw that jutted far forward of his face, a small flat nose, and deeply set small round eyes, all on a very thick neck, over a very large but not fat body. And his face and head were pink and hairless.

I thought for a moment it was a pullover mask or something, but the flesh of his face was alive and expressive.

I'm sure he gets tired of being told he looks like a picture of a Neanderthal, but still, it was a very interesting and odd thing to see.
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