Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

What Skype should do with their Linux client

Well, what they really should do is open source it and/or publish their protocol, but barring that.

Rip the existing GUI off of it. Completely.

Instead make it a pure background daemon process, that uses system IPC, local sockets and/or DBUS. Receive dialing commands and configuration commands via a command socket. And do all its user multimedia via the now standard linux desktop multimedia framework, and/or dynamicly created local domain sockets. And publish "interesting" events over the DBUS.

That way people can write different and different kinds of UIs on it. Simple little command line tools, complex GUIs, pidgin plugins, Asterix plugins. Apache plugins, etc.

This way Skype still gets to control their protocol and their network, but at the same time reap most of the advantages of having lots of other people develop on them, and build Skype into things.

What are the odds they would do something that makes so much sense?
Tags: geek, idea, linux, skype

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