Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


I started the day with two telecons, both of which I think will become gigs. Then I went heads down reading yet another new REST API doc.

By mid afternoon, it had gotten really nice and sunny outside. At 3, I walked to the south end of the neighborhood, to adrienne_r's place. She needed someone to keep her focused while she put away huge pile of freshly washed clothes.

At 7, I went downtown, to the first Noonhat Happy Hour. It was an interesting and eclectic crowd.

I met the guy in charge of infractions at the municiple court (the guy who manages the org that takes your money for parking tickets), and helped him brainstorm out a solution to an awkward network security problem he had.

I met also two geeks, one with a great idea on using XMPP to help solve the distributed social graph problem, and the other newly moved to Seattle, with an idea for a startup. I gave them both my card, telling them to email me so I can send them links and email addresses to stuff and people they should know.

When I got done and overwhelmed there, I left, and realized I was downtown at almost 9pm on a Thursday, with open time. So I went to the Grind, I think for the 3rd time in a row. I spent the next 4 hours dancing and socializing.

There was a really cute couple who put on a great show. Watching with a friend, we decided that the couple had known each other for years. But chatting with them later, we learned that they had actually met at the Spot only last week. They just clicked really well.

After 1, when the Grind shut down and they threw eveyone out, a small group went to Denny's for bad food.

And then I came home and fell into bed...
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