Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

My Twenty Year High School reunion.

I flew to Utah last weekend, from Friday to Sunday, for my Twenty Year High School Reunion.

Friday evening was the "Family Friendly Picnic". There was maybe a hundred "fellow grads" there, out of a graduating class of about 450. Along with wives, husbands, and children. Lots and lots of children. (This is, after all, Utah). Everyone was friendly enough. I just felt very much "not part of this", but for somewhat different reasons then I felt "not part of this" twenty to twenty-four years ago.

I wore my kilt. :) Nobody batted an eye, but I was told later that some of the kids asked their parents "Who was the guy in the kilt!? That was cool!".

The next morning, Saturday, I went flying with my Dad again in his Mooney. We flew from his home port of Morgan County Airport to Ogden Airfield, ate breakfast at the Auger Inn, fueled up, then flew back to Morgan. I was his "radioman", tuning the transmitter to frequencies according to the schedule and notes he had writen for me, and setting the transponder to the numbers that traffic control gave us. He's started school again, going to a FAA certification class for being an aircraft engine mechanic. He's also lining up his ducks to buy his hanger.

Late I went out shopping with my Mom, and Jett & Lisa (lj user="wurtmann">, jatg, clymerchick). I discovered where my great colorfull reverse tiedye shirt (the one I am wearing in my icon pictures) went. Jett had it.

Saturday evening was the "Formal Dinner". It was at a restaurant up at the UU Medical Center Complex. I used to work there, but after Jett dropped me off, I got very lost and turned around. There are many new buildings, growing upwards up the side of the mountain and sideways into where the old fort used to be. (The only old US Army western fort where the main guns where pointed AT the city was there to "defend".) But I finally found it. It was the top floor of the highest up the mountain building, and thus had an amazing view of the Salt Lake Valley.

It was very odd to see everyone. How much apparances had changed, and how much they had not. How many many of them were in Utah, or had moved back to Utah. (The old joke is "Nobody moves to Utah, they just move back."). To be fair, there was a strong selection bias, in that getting to the reunion was much easier for the still-locals.

I won an award. Most Changed. Heh. :)

The next morning, I flew back to Seattle.

I had, for many years, semi-seriously joked that I was going to show up at this reunion with four or five dates. I'm kind of glad I didn't (beyond just the expense and logistics). It would probably have been mostly boring, with high annoyance mixed in, for all whoever I brought.
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