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Mark Atwood
Yesterday, an up and down day. Parking, Getting Towed. And the UW Observatory.
Good things:
  • A productive paid training session. The person I was training learned a lot about EC2, and I learned a little more about it.
  • I got a very good haircut.
  • I spent some good time with friendly people.
  • I had good food at Cedars.
  • Got to look thru the UW Observatory's museum piece of a telescope.
Bad things:
  • Misreading a parking sign. "No parking between 4pm and 6pm". The parking machine had sold me a pass good until 5pm.
  • Getting a parking ticket.
  • Getting my Forester towed away.
  • Having to call a friend for a favor and a ride.
  • Having to pay a significant tow and impound fee to get my car back.
  • Not finishing my errands.
  • Waiting an unexpected couple of hours at the airport.
  • Having confirmed that I utterly botched an important social interaction with a lover last weekend.
  • Being unable to get to sleep until about 6am.

Current Location: Home, Capitol Hill, Seattle WA
Current Mood: gray

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breakingglass From: breakingglass Date: August 16th, 2007 11:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
Sorry about the towing. That sucks. Been there, done that.
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