Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

How to sync my local calendar with Google Calendar

I've figured out, I think, how to run my calendar locally, inside my laptop, and still share it on Google Calendar. It's really rubegoldbergian.

I'm probably going to use Evolution for now. Unless someone can give me a compelling reason to use the two different-but-same(!) calendar apps, Sunbird and Lightning.

  • Maybe GCalDaemon?
    • It's a neat design. It speaks gdata out, and listens on a local port to speak iCalDAV.
    • But I have to be online to use it. Hard to work "disconnected".
    • It requires Java. Yuck!
    • It requires Java 1.5 or later, and gij on FC6 is 1.4.2
    • So I'm not going to use it
  • Maybe the Google SoC project creating a gdata plugin for Evolution?
    • But it's not ready yet.
  • So the solution right now is...
    • get a free ScheduleWorld account
    • config ScheduleWorld to sync to gcal, it knows how
    • install SyncML for Evolution
    • configure that to sync with ScheduleWorld via the SyncML protocol
    • Profit!

That I have to do this at all annoys me, it should be unnecessary. Google should just run iCal, iCalDAV, and SyncML services for their calendar and mail apps. Then all the ordinary folks with Outlook, Outlook Express, assorted other PIMs, assorted PDAs, smartphones, and not-so-smartphones would Just Work.

The GData protocol is pretty neat, but almost nothing uses it, and conviencing the Google's competition to use it, and convincing all the various makers of smartphones and PDAs to use it, is just a non-starter.
Tags: calendar, geek, google

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