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The week

Wednesday, was the annual "Hooky Day", wherein a bunch of friends take a weekday off work, and gather for a group rate admission to the local Six Flags amusement park. This day broke with tradition, and started out bright and sunny. elfs, omahas, and Kourjou-chan were there, as were about a dozen other friends of friends and friends of friends of friends.

My very last ride of the day was the log plume, with omahas and Kourjou-chan. We got somewhat splashed while riding. The walkway off the ride goes right over the landing "splash zone". Kouryou wanted to stand there and watch the next car come down, but Omaha didn't want to get soaked, so we instead stood off to the side. As the car sped down the ramp, the thought drifted up in my mind "Doesn't the splash break to the sides?!". But it was too late. The car hit the bottom, and this huge white wall of foaming water rushed at us in slow motion. There was nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. The only thing to do was stand at attention, and take it. And then laugh during the waterlogged walk back to the rest of the party.

Thursday, I went to the Zanadu Comic shop in the U District. Not for myself, but to give a ride to Monty, a coworker of krow's, who's been staying at the house. Apparently, whenever Monty visits the US, he loads up on comics and DVDs to take back home to Finland.

As he was deciding what to get, with an eye towards his rapidly shrinking remaining space in his luggage, I pointed out that the shop stocks the DVD-ROM collections of Marvel comics. So he picked up every single Avengers ever published, every single Fantastic Four ever published, and every single issue of MAD ever published. Unfortunately, they were out of the collected Spider-Man. But still, quite the haul, and in near zero physical space.

This is brilliant of Marvel. With the exception of a few key well known issues, they were never going to make money selling paper reprints of their back-issues, most of which are, frankly, crap. But putting together these complete collections, it's all found money for them.

I hope that Marvel eventually does it for all their titles, and DC picks up the idea, and then the larger independents do the same...

Anyway, later that evening, during a dinner where 2l of wine were shared by 4 people, gipsieee called to invite me to the Grind with her, to which of course I said yes.

It had been a while since I had been. It's mostly still unchanged, a rotation of annoying german darkwave covers mixed with stuff that's actually danceable. I met some people I knew there, and was also met by some people who knew/remembered me. And met a few people for the first time, including a guy who was dressed mostly the same as me, had mostly the same build, mostly the same hair and goatee, and was just as tall as me. People were mistaking us for each other from the back all night.

One of my friends had to ask me, while on the dance floor, to perform a "pick and block", to slice off a creepy old guy who kept trying to dance at her all night. The story of fightiny Napolean Dorkamite came to me as I did so, but fortunately, he lacked the goth-fu-counter that the person in the story did.

Friday morning I had some paid time, imparting training about AWS. We started with S3 stuff. I'm thinking about taking the transcript, cleaning it up, and using it as an outline for writing up a book or something.

That afternoon was a bunch of errands, including picking up some more stuff at Zanadu, stuff at Uwajimaya's (with a dash of excitement as a clerk caught some seedy guy sneaking wine into his duffel bag next to me), Fry's Electronics, and then Clearwater Spa. Then to E&O's, to take them up to Seattle to fit Elf with a Utilikilt, since he had finally agreed to get one.

Sadly, we got to the shop just after they closed. So we had dinner, then returned to their home.

But, amazingly, Omaha and I convinced Elf finally to actually publish a book! He's going to put his "Stirlings" story arc in a POD book. The story is all written, but his posting schedule means that the end won't be online until next May. But buy the book, and you can read it all. So, some time was spend researching Lulu's specifications and recommendations for PDF files.

Then we played a few rounds of "Give Me The Brain", and then turned in.

Saturday, after breakfast, I run some more errands, and then returned to the Utilikilts store where Elf finally was fitted with a kilt. And then off to Anne Honeycutt's wedding. And then back home.

A few hours later, krow's birthday party got rolling. Lots of people showed up, with lots of good veggie food, and lots of board games were played. amythis showed up, which was a pleasant surprise.

Monty made a delicious cream of mushroom soup which was almost but not quite entirely unlike what comes out of a can. Yummy.

Of course, the evening ended in the tub.

Sunday, with the exception of a few really good bits, was a really blah day.

Monday, workwise, was my second AWS teaching session. We finished up S3, and started into EC2.

That night at bowling, I made my best score yet, 162. And I probably would have broken 170 if I hadn't screwed up the 7th frame.
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