Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Mary Poppins, a few years later...

I woke up this morning with snippets of X-rated filks of songs and scenes from Disney's "Mary Poppins" running thru my head.

It started with someone singing "I Love To Fuck", and decended from there to "With Two Pounds For Dildo and Lube", "Just a Spoonful of Lube, Helps The Penis Go In", and then "It's a VERY Jolly Holiday with Mary".

And the the plot started resolving, wherein Mary Poppins returns several years later, again to Jane and Michael Banks, to continue their education. She is a witch, after all, and sex magic is one of her many many talents...

Mary got out her tape measure, to affirm and declare that Jane had become a well developed ingenue, and Michael had indeed grown to be a very well formed young man...

Mrs. Banks is learning a whole new social group activity with the other women at her Suffragettes Society Meetings...

A crowd of burly dirty naked chimney sweeps showed up to visit Mr. Banks...

At which point, a fuse blew in my erotic imagination.
Tags: funny, sex

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