Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Wednesday at OSCON

I went to the keynotes, took some pictures, which I will post to flickr.

While walking to my first session of the day, I ran into one of the OLPC people. Carrying around those bright plastic devices is a great calling card. We chatted a bit, and he told me what evil underhanded stuff Intel, Microsoft, and the Gates Foundation has just pulled last month that seriously threatens to destroy the OLPC.

Now I'm in the "Managing Technical Debt" by Andy Lester. Good stuff, careful notes. But mostly stuff already know.

The exhibition floor. Someone has a Penguin Robot! $85. Runs Python, controlled by Python. Can be used as a VoIP phone. It reads email and rss feeds.

Someone is showing off their 3D printer in the lobby. It can actually print it's own parts. The guy says that the version 1.1 will be completely self-fabricated. It will need a couple of bucks of cheap electric chips, and then clever monkey paws to do final assembly, but otherwise is completely self replicating.

Session "Xen Image Manager" by Johnathan Oxer. Must keep in touch with this project. It could evolve or point the way to an open source gridOS.

Coordinated with snippy via SMS to meet for dinner at 6pm. I was originally going to couchsurf at their place this week, but then scored crashspace at the hotel.

Session "Google Summer of Code" with Chris DiBona and Leslie Hawthorn.

Dinner with snippy and sinanju. They picked me up, and took me out to a German place, for sausages and lentil soup.

BOF session for AWS EC2/S3. BOF session for MySQL Community.

Stayed up till midnight hacking.
Tags: aws, life, mysql, oscon, oscon07

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