Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Today, I was a shambling wreck

When I was in college, I would pull an all-nighter nearly every week. IIRC, it was typically Thursday/Friday. I was fine with it, usually.

But that was pushing two decades ago. Now when I stay up all night, I'm a shamble the next day and so. And while I'm glad I read the new Harry Potter book, it was really unwise, there were things I wanted to do today that I couldn't...

I did get much of the scheduled stuff on my calendar done tho. I picked up my ex jezel, and Smudge, and took them to the vet. Smudge needed some tech work, and hauling her from West Seattle to Shoreline on jezel's scooter is not something to be done. I got to see jezel's new apt and to meet her roommates. And I put in an appearance at the monthly binetseattle saturday social. We had a new person show up!

I spend some phone time chatting with amythis about HP7. Almost universally today, when I mention that I've read it, everyone immediately says something like "dont tell me, i've not finished it yet!". It was nice to actually talk to someone who had finished it.

After stopping at the pharmacy, I collapsed back into my unmade bed, and got in a few more hours, then pulled myself out to watch Shortbus with solomoning and gipsieee.
Tags: life

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