Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

My suggestions to CrowdVine, deployed!

FOOcamp 2007 had/has a bespoke social network site, based on CrowdVine.

While using it, I sent in a handful of suggestions to the developer/maintainer, Tony Stubblebine. I asked for OpenID, for vCard, and for OPML. OpenID to avoid "yet another password". vCard so I could import all my neat FOOcamp contacts into my address book. OPML so I could easily import and read my contacts' blogs in my own reader.

He welcomed the suggestions, and then implemented two of them. OpenID support is "real soon now".

One of the Nice Things about the cycle of creation and destruction in technology is that when you can find something early enough in it's lifecycle, suggestions can actually be heard, understood, and implemented. What are the odds that one of the Great Big Social Network Sites would, or even could field suggested features this rapidly?

If you ever consider setting up a geek con, or anything inspired by the "unconference" ideal, talk to CrowdVine and Pathable.
Tags: foocamp, geek, openid, opml, vcard
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