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Mark Atwood
Gym. Session 31 of 124. Bicep & Tricep
Today we did measurements, and then did my arms.

Specifically, focused on my bi's and tri's. Once again it was demanding to focus on not using my shoulders, to avoid "shrugging" the weight. And once again, we did "superslow". One thing that happens with slow, is that the weight really feels much too light in the first rep, but by the last one, even while you are still saying "too light", at the same time the muscle is shuddering and burning.

Superslow also helps point out all the other little support muscles. Several bicept exercises ended with my forearms being the hardest hit, and rope handled pullup were interesting in that the small band of muscle between my shoulderblades caught fire.

Next time will be legs, which will be interesting. After several days of no trouble, yesterday my right knee started twinging again. Sigh.
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