Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Dear LazyWeb. Very slow login into my FC6 Desktop

I recently upgraded my laptop from FC5 to FC6.

When I graphically login to my account, the login process hangs on a blank grey screen for a couple of minutes, and then proceeds to login normally. If I create a new user account, when I login to it, here is no hang.

It smells like a network or name resolver timeout. I think it's the WM, Metacity, that is hanging. I suspect there is something present or absent in my gconf configuration that's causing it. Howeve, the Gnome people have copied one of Windows bad features, in that the login process and WM and Desktop initialization process is not logged or recorded anywhere.

Anyone else seen this? Is there a simple, or even complex, way to find out whats happening and fix it?

And "just create a new account and use it" isn't an answer.

Tags: fedora, gnome, lazyweb

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