Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

FOOcamp 2007, Sunday

It's hard to believe I'm back. It's so quiet here.

Saturday morning, it took too long for the hotel clerks to check us out. They'd screwed up my credit card, krow's credit card, messed up their room reservation log, and so forth. And we needed at least the receipt for krow's corporate card before we left. (I let them handle mine off-line. If they screw it up, I just dispute the charge and wash my hands.)

The session about non-relational databases was interesting. The guy from Twitter talked about their queue db. They are using the memcached wire protocol to talk to it! Dabble talked about their neat little cheat, where they don't actually have a database, but just keep everything as frozen SmallTalk imagefiles, and start and stop VMs as needed. The guys from Google talked about BigTable and Chubby. Also mentioned were hash engines, analytic engines, graph engines, queue engines, HLR engines, and stream databases.

My own session about open utility grids was sparsely attended, but there was some good stuff. There was a guy, who's name and project I need to dig out of my notes, who was saddened that EC2 wasn't just open for his project. I may get a gig out of either setting him up with his own Xen stack, or getting set up in one of the other systems.

I was able to catch bits of the OpenAuth session. I wish I could have been to all of it. I think it's at least as important as OpenID, and will probably have faster uptake, at least by the big sites. It will replace the each-individual auth delegation protocols as already used by Flickr, LJ, etc etc.

"Auth Delegation" is so that you can give desktop program X the power to upload to your Flickr account, without giving that program your Flickr password. Or so that you can give LJ nifty toy website permission to grab some non-public information out of your LJ profile, and then post to it just once, without having to give that other site your LJ password. And so forth.

After that, krow found an Ora employee who could get us access to a printer, so we could print out our boarding passes. We then said our goodbyes.

I specifically wanted to thank Tim O'Reilly for inviting me, but he was busy handling a whole queue of people who wanted to talk to him when I found him. I elected to send him an email later.

The drive from Sebastapol to Oakland was annoying, in that traffic was bad. Bad on a Sunday afternoon, tho not as horrid as it was on Friday going up. Then checking thru TSA security theater farce. They "randomly" selected both my carryon and my laptop for a "random check", tho they were satified with just finding my stick of deoderent and wagging their finger at me. While waiting at the gate, and then in the air, I read much of RESTful Web Services.

Oh, did I mention that there were big tables of free O'Reilly books? It's a good thing that my carryon was packed light, because the trip back is was tightly packed full of books that krow and I picked up.

And that was my trip.
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