Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

FOOCamp 2007: Saturday

Sessions attended
  • Distributed Configuration Management. Where we talk about git, hg, svk, and the evil cm system that must not be named.
  • Distributing Social Networking Sites. Getting rid of the central corporate and network control of online social networks.
  • Saving 10,000 lives a year by chilling heart attack victims with cold breathable fluid
  • Scaling with EC2 and Amazon Web Services. Can it be used? Can it be trusted? What do we think?
  • MoveMyData. Getty Images are evil, do something better.
  • Lighting Rounds. Talk fast about amazing stuff!

Cool stuff
  • I started the day with a shower, from a high flow showerhead, in a hotel, in a California!
  • Somebody showed up in a helicopter.
  • I burned the BlackPegasus icon into the lid of my laptop with Chris DiBona's laser etcher.
  • I had a drink of the most amazing single cask whiskey.
  • The food is good, the wine is very good
Tags: foocamp07, geek

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