Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Yesterday and Today. Almost a lot of work...

Yesterday, I had a conference call, pitching an idea at a company. I spoke with their CTO and PM, who I had met a few months before. I think it went really well, but now they have to talk between themselves and their CEO, before they say "do it".

Yesterday evening, intrepid_reason and I and a friend of hers hooked up for dinner, and then went out to The Grind, to give her a nice send off. She's a merchant marine sailor, and the next day (today), she flies to Japan to board a Tall Ship for several weeks in the Pacific. We made sure she ended the night happy.

This morning, I had another conference call. It was supposed to be accompanied by something called a "webex" session, which turned out to be a java-applet based shared app/whiteboard session, but I couldn't get my newly upgraded JVM to run it. So instead we talked it out. The tech is neat, and the work is straightforward. And now again, they have to talk between themselves and their CEO, before they say "do it".

krow is lending me access to a bigass 8-core machine that I can use to incubate and bake Xen instances in, for all this almost impending work.

I've returned to the gym, went last Monday for chest and Wednesday for shoulders and back. Today would have been legs, but the concall took the timeslot.

I was planning on ending the day with a Fish Friday with omahas and Kouryou, but right around 4:30pm, suddenly I got hit hard with a wave of tired, so I called her up and begged off. Brian and Sol have been hit with it too.

Maybe I'll just veg in the hot tub this evening.
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