Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Flying to Boston, sitting at the Diesel Cafe

I'm at the Diesel Cafe in Boston. It looks like they've about doubled in size since the last time I was here. Their wifi network recognizes my username from the last time I was here, but not my password. The sandwich is good, but the chai is not up to standards I got used to in Seattle. (To be fair, I'm sure there are east coast foods that are made poorly in Seattle.)

zzbottom picked me up at BOS Logan Airport this morning, fed me breakfast at his place, and then I hung out for several hours at his auction shop, before taking the commuter rail into the city core, and then the T to Davis Square. Thanks Paulo! It looks like the North Station refurb is finally finished. They were just starting it when I moved out of Boston in `99, and it still wasn't done the last time I went thru it, last year I think.

I forgot to take my high quality letter opener off my keyring last night, and the TSA found it in my backpack and confiscated it. F'wads. The TSA goon seemed actually hurt and defensive when I said "I guess it's your knife, now." I will always consider their agency a sick joke and their staff to be, at best, wastes of perfectly good air.

I flew my "usual" from SEA to BOS, Alaska Airlines redeye. My own experience for that airline is they consistently suck the least for longer haul flights. Every time I've flown a cheap ticket on a "big name" carrier in the last decade plus, I've regretted it. So whenever I can, I fly either Alaska, or Southwest.
Tags: boston, travel

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