Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 29 of 124. Knee-saving legs.

Today's session was at 9am instead of the usual 12noon, being that it was a holiday, and the trainer asked if he could bunch up his appointments into the morning. I was a bit bleary when I got there, it was very hard to get out of bed, and I got there right at the stroke of 9, so my warmup cut into the start of the session.

Today we did legs again, with the new joint saving regime he is designing for me. There are two methods of joint saving that he is applying to me. One, limit the range of motion. For legs, that means that my knee is to never bend more than a right angle, and is never to go "forward" over my toe or beyond. Two, go S L O W L Y. We cut the weight, and every push is to take at leasta couple of seconds, and the relax back is to take at least twice as long as the push. It's not as "hard", but by the end, I was nearly as tired. There was almost zero burn, probably between the creatine supps and the fact that superslow gives a lot more bloodflow doing the actual load.

Also, the free squats have been replaced by "ball squats", which consist of putting a 1 meter ball in the small of my back, pushing up against a wall, locking my form such that my back is perfectly perpendicular to the floor, and "rolling down" to a seated position and then back up again, while holding a pair of dumbbells at my sides.

My right knee didn't twinge once, tho it did get noticeably warm while doing the superslow leg presses.

If it remains pain free for a few more days, I get to start doing my cardio/fatburn on the EC machines again.
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