Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


Today was the third day of Folklife. I again spent most of my time hanging out with elfs and omahas and with their daughter, Kouryou-chan. It is just so much fun to wander around, around hundreds of food vendor booths and artisan booths, with buskers and street performers everywhere, have over two dozen theaters, stages, venues, concert halls, and classrooms constantly running, and have grass lawns to lay down on, and several public fountains to play in. All for the reasonable price of... absolutely free! (Five dollar suggested donation.)

The crowds of people are fun to watch too. Lots of all sorts of people, from all over the Pacific Northwest, in a multitude of hues, ages, ethnicities, clothes, and socio-economic strata. And lots of it having very much the "eye candy" property. Yesterday was gray and blustery (enough so that I spent most of the time with my duster fully buttoned shut), but today was clear, warm, and sunny, meaning that much flesh was on display.

Kouryou-chan alternated between happy and cranky, pretty much classic symptoms of over-stimulation. Even so, it's always fun to spend time with her, and help her parents out.

They left for home right around darkfall. As I was making my way back through the Seattle Center to the opposite side, where I had parked (most of the booths and venues were closed and the crowds were thinning out, but not much), I came across a fire dance.

A handsome muscular young man and his two girlfriends, all dressed in silk, sweat, and not much else, were putting on an amazing show, holding a pair of some sort of weighted wad doused with lighter-fluid and lit, burning brightly, on the end of a piece of wire, flipping around and about their bodies, carving circles and arcs of fire in the air. A few people were beating out a rhythm on some drums (drums are everywhere at Folklife), and a huge crowd had gathered to watch and cheer. It ended when an event manager and the Fire Marshal came and politely asked them to stop, but it was a gorgeous thing to behold until then.
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