Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The past few days

Friday night I got back home, arriving on schedule and without event from SJC to SEA.

Saturday was originally going to be spent going geocaching and then soaking with a friend. But that got changed because it looked like Linuxfest Northwest was something that I should be at. But then that got rescheduled. But I was still so flattened from being "on" for the previous five days, I spent the time decompressing. Late in the afternoon, I swapped a few IMs with papertygre, and then we went to ocicat's bd party, and then later gaming with some of her friends from CMU who had just moved to Seattle.

This morning, papertygre and alacrity gave me a ride to the airport. He was heading to Las Vegas for a tech conference, departing a couple of hours before I was.

My flight from SEA to SLC was the best kind. Uneventful. I slept most of it, and winked and grinned at the toddler seated next to me the rest of it.

Why am I in Utah?

My brother pheonix_jade is getting married on May 1st.

Tomorrow my dad is going to take me up to Weber County Airfield, were we will do a bit of maintenance on his Mooney, and then go for a flight.
Tags: family, life, travel

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