Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Arrived at the 2007 MySQL Convention and Expo

I've arrived safe, and mostly sound. My laptop battery is just a little bit shorter than the flight from SEA to SJC. The MySQL employees are being subjected to staff meetings and then Mandatory Party, while I get to putter around the hotel and conviention center. Also going on right now in the convention center is a meeting for people with dyslexia, a meeting for regional veterinarians, a "Coin Stamp and Collectables" show (sponsored by eBay), and a bird mart. Apparently, last year it was a convention of workworking hobbyests, which would have been pretty darn cool.

I finished my slides last night, then showed them to Sheeri, who promptly and properly critiqued them to heck and back. I had basically done every bad thing from every bad ppt presentation I had ever been forced to sit thru. So I stayed up and rewrote them into something much more lively. (The key rule of thumb is to but the questions, but not the answers, on the slides.)
Tags: mysqlcon, mysqlcon2007
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