Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The weekend so far

Last night was the dinner and party for Jen and for Ivo's birthday, at the Metaphorist. The suggested dress code was "sexy". And a lot of people had a lot of fun with that. I wore one of my better sarongs. A couple of times in the evening, people either verbally wished it would come untied, or tried to untie it. Frustrating to them, I had tied it well, and besides, I was wearing something underneath...

The party was fun, the dinner was excellent, catered from Cedars. (Sometime I need to do a "Mark's Stories" about my first experience with Indian food.) The conversations and flirting were a lot of fun. One gorgeous lady with a big grin told me that she had been warned about me, that I was "flirtatious and wolflike". The first I will occasionally cop to, when I'm "on", but the second was a bit surprising, not part of my self-image at all.

Around noon yesterday I went to Dim-Sum with intrepid_reason and a bunch of her friends. Fun and tasty. After that, we walked down to Uwajimaya where she did a little bit of food shopping. I discovered that one could buy big five gallon tubs of miso paste, and of green tea ice cream and red bean ice cream. Mmmm. I will use this knowledge sometime.

The weather all day was very weird, cycling quickly between overcast, sprinkled rain, heavy rain, and blazing sun.

Friday, after slogging around in the code for my project, I drove downtown to pickup elfs from his workplace, and then headed to his place for Fish Friday. We picked up omahas and the girls on the way.

Dinner was decided to be shrimp and noodles. It came out very photogenic, and tasted excellent. The wine of the evening was MénageÀ Trois, which we had had last year some time. My review of this next year's bottle was the same as my review of it last year, "it tastes like what you'd drink right before you do it's name".

While roughhousing with Kouryou-chan, I ended up suspending her by her forearms. She was giggling and kicking, and I told her that I'd put her down if she could touch her toes to my wrists. And without pausing, that's exactly what she did. Darn, but that girl has strong and flexible abs!

After the girls were put to bed, the three adults played a new game, reading "The Eye of Argon", a game that had been taught to me by perldiver. It's a simple game. You print out a copy of said story, and each person reads out loud until they giggle, laugh, or bust up. Given Elf and Omaha's enjoyment of the craft of writing, it was especially brutal on them. Hilarity.
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