Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

My Norwescon 30 experience

When I was working for a paycheck, and Norwescon time would roll around, I would take the Friday off, and do all three days of it. Now that I've got a project that is from me, things are a little different. Friday I worked, instead of going. And Saturday morning, I worked, instead of going.

But I did get there at about noon.

I saw intrepid_reason as I was checking in, and then hooked up with elfs, omahas and Kouryou-chan, and did lunch at Denny's, along with a friend of theirs from work and coven. Then in the dealer's room there was the pleasent surprise of wantswings, who looks much healthier and improved after her surgery. Other hall encounters were julzerator, shemayazi, helix90 (who looked very tired and busy, probably from Merchants of Diva), keithr (sultry_peacock was also there, dancing, but I never was able to find her again to say hello), clemtaur, chemicallace and a couple of her friends from school, kespernorth, jezel, who was there as a roadie for the masquerade halftime show by a local improv group "Comedy Court", aggrobat at the MoD party, we comisserated about vet bills, airlinepilot, scott_t_s and many others.

My horns got a lot of smiles. I got flirted with very heavily a couple of times.

I browsed the artshow, but nothing really grabbed me. Tho I was pleased to know that one of the better pieces from SEAF was also on display there.

I browsed the dealers den, but didn't buy anything. Tho I did try on an "easy wear turban".

I danced some at the main dance.

I hung out a lot at the MoD party, especially with Bjorn, Allyson, and her friends. It wasn't nearly as oppressively crowded as it was last year, which made it much better.

While walking down the corridor of the party wing, I got stopped by a couple of very mundaine looking guys. "So, where is all the action here?", "Action?", "You know... action. Tables?" "No" (guessing he was referring to poker, et al. "Hookers?" "Not likely." "Party favors?" (Drugs) "Not likely." "Booze?" "End of this hall." And so they strode off, and I snerked a bit to myself about them.

I got press ganged into a game of werewolf by a brassy young lady who was less than half my age. I drew one of the seer cards, but got lynched in the second round.

I played lifeguard/respite duty for Kouryou-chan, while she paddled around the pool.

I ate sandwiches and beans for dinner in Hospitality.

I watched the masquerade / costume contest, and the comedy improve halftime show. jezel is good friends with a couple of people in the troup. I had never seen their show before.

At about 2:30am, I was wiped, gathered up my stuff, and headed out. On the way out, I ran into JenBoi and Hazel, who were eye catchingly dressed up to head to the dance. I hugged them goodbye, and went home.

I'm getting so old. Once upon a time, a 3 day weekend con would mean being up and going for three days, with minimal sleep. Not anymore. But I think I get a lot more social fun out of 15 hours of con now than I used to get in 70.
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