Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The state of the MySQL AWS S3 storage engine

  • Features
    • can now do inserts
    • could do single row reads a few days ago
  • Bugs
    • need to URL encode the bucket name and the item name (D'oh!)
      • phear that S3 doesn't get non-ASCII keys right anyway
    • how do I get the HTTP return code?
      • can't tell if an upload went ok or not
      • can't tell the difference between a successful GET and "not found"
  • To Do
    • need to remove the hardcoded AWS credentials
    • clean up Field object selection
    • push a release to hg
  • Next Features
    • implement rnd* and position methods
      • will involve parsing the bucket contents XML
  • On The Horizon
    • enforce schema constraints
    • access to the Content-Type, Last-Modified-Date, metadata, and ACL
    • libCURL connection sharing/reuse
    • HTTPS
    • cerificate auth
    • gz transfer encoding
    • gz stored encoding
    • use CREATE SERVER instead of connection string
    • dont get every item in the bucket on a scan
    • client-side caching
    • relaxed schema (multiple data columns)
    • dont get every column if not needed (HTTP ranged GET)
    • secondary keys
    • multiple columns other than just UNIREG
Tags: geek, mysql, s3

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