Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

How blogging, google, and IMs enable open source tech support

I just had a random IM conversation with someone who needed some help duplicating a little open source hack re the ark3116 and gammu several months ago.

(13:58:42) [him]: Hi Mark
(13:58:56) [me]: hi, who are you?
(13:59:16) [him]: I just read your blog about ark3116 and gammu
(13:59:26) [him]: found you from google :-)
(13:59:41) [him]: Im just a random swedish guy in London :-)
(14:00:02) [him]: sorry to bother you but did you get the cable to talk to your phone?
(14:02:21) [me]: i did
(14:02:29) [me]: it required a hack to the driver
(14:02:35) [me]: or to gammu, i forget
(14:02:35) [him]: aha
(14:02:51) [me]: the ark3116 driver doesnt present the hardware flow control ioctls
(14:03:00) [me]: and gammu assumes that hardware flow control works
(14:03:06) [me]: so you have to comment that out of gammu
(14:03:07) [him]: ok
(14:03:12) [me]: let me see if i still have the source
(14:03:14) [him]: I see
(14:03:27) [him]: what connection type did you choose in the config?
(14:04:33) [me]:
# ~mark/.gammurc


(14:04:52) [him]: aha, kool
(14:07:52) [me]: it looks like ive thrown the source away
(14:08:03) [me]: go grepping thru the code looking for the flow control IOCTLs
(14:08:20) [him]: and just build without it?
(14:08:30) [me]: yes
(14:08:33) [me]: seems to work
(14:08:40) [him]: kool... will do, thanks a lot!
(14:08:46) [me]: if you want to be a uberhacker, get a usb tap
(14:08:59) [me]: and protocol analyze the cable when its being used by windows
(14:09:06) [him]: :-)
(14:09:08) [me]: and figure out how it does flowcontrol
(14:09:21) [me]: and then add that to the linux driver
(14:09:24) [him]: I need a quick dump of my phonebook for now :-)
(14:09:40) [me]: does your phone do SyncML?
(14:09:51) [me]: there are websites that you can syncml with your phone
(14:09:52) [him]: dont know.. its a nokia 3120
(14:09:59) [him]: aha
(14:10:13) [me]: and they pull out your phonebook via syncml and then put it into their own format, usually vCard
(14:10:22) [him]: sweet
(14:11:10) [me]: good luck
(14:11:14) [him]: thanks!
(14:11:53) [him]: and thanks for blogging about it so I found you! :-)
(14:12:34) [me]: thats what blogging is for
(14:12:48) [him]: thats true!
Tags: geek, open source

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