Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The weekend. Games at Aloha, Bday party for Marty at Big Picture

Yesterday evening the house had a games night party. It was successful and well attended. I was especially glad to see omahas and elfs, along with Kouryou and Yamarashi.

Bread was eaten, wine was drunk, games were played, and much time was spent soaking and chatting in the hottub, and then later towel-clad chatting and drinking tea in the kitchen. It was 3:30 am by the time the front door was locked, and the guest beds were made for people crashing for the night.

This morning I took Adriann to her appointment on the other side of the hill, as the bus had been missed. Then came home and worked some. Then took krow to the airport. Instead of going home, I went north up the eastside, to the Kirkland CompUSA, to take advantage of the closure sale. There was a bunch of stuff I wanted to get, but decided against most of the "cool stuff", like the fingerprint scanner, and the electronic photo frame.

Then down to the Redmond Town Center, where I paid Starbucks for a net connection, and then worked for another several hours, while trading IMs with Beth and with Charles.

At 6 I walked around the corner, to the Big Picture. I've been to the Big Picture in Seattle, but never before the one in Redmond. The differences between the two are like the differences between the two cities. The Redmond one is newer, shinier, more artificial looking, and with fewer funky layout and design issues.

The event was Marty's 16th Marthian year. (Approx 30 Terran years). A lot of people were there, many that I already knew and many I enjoyed meeting. The cake was shaped like Olympus Mons. The digital projector was used to play Sony Playstation games, which were really freaking fun on a 10 meter screen and a high quality theater sound system.

My lack of sleep caught up with me one, I dozed off sitting on one of the couches for a while.

And of course now, I'm not sleeping.
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