Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

amsu is dead. And zhem is aborning. The interregnum.

This afternoon, after getting home from the morning's adventure (taking Brian to the dentist (because he was going to be too high from the painkillers to safely drive himself home) and then hanging out at a cafe in Fremont drinking rooibus and trascribing my notes about AWS S3 and libxml2), amsu flickered and then crashed hard. This is the fourth IBM-TP-T23 body I've had die on me this way.

Yesterday I had installed FC6 onto zhem stock 40Gib HD, but hadn't moved my personal work environment over to it yet.

To make do for now, I've pulled out zhem's HD, slapped in amsu's, and booted it up. X needed to be reconfigured, and I haven't tried wireless, but otherwise it seems to be working Just Fine.

Right now all my stuff is scp'ing up to my 500GiB of NSLU2 storage. When it's safely there, I'm going to install FC6 on the 100GiB HD that used to be in amsu, copy my stuff and environment back onto it, and then annoint the result the true birth of zhem.

First impressions of the IBM-TP-T40:
  • It feels a lot faster then the T23.
  • It's thinner and lighter.
  • The screen looks brighter.
  • It has a glidepad as well as a trackpoint. I keep brushing it with the side of my hand and sending the mouse pointer skittering around, selecting random text on the way. That's going to take some getting used to.
  • All my old Ultrabay stuff doesn't fit. Foo. I've got a 8xDVD, a HD carrier, a floppy drive, and a battery in that form factor.
  • The battery form factor has changed as well. I have 3 T23 batteries, also now orphaned.
Tags: fedora, geek, laptop

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