Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Me and three girls...

omahas has been out of town on business, and elfs has spent the week being frazzled playing the employed single dad game. They had forgotten that I was scheduled to take Kouryou and Yamarashi off his hands for the evening. A bit of email, a bit of phone, and it all got straightened out.

I went down to Burien and got the girls ready while he transferred the kidseats. Then I left him behind and too them up to the UW, were we linked up with intrepid_reason, who was our sponsor for the evenings event. She works for UW C&C, and that department had reserved the games area in the UW Hub.

So we all enjoyed pizza, bowling, air hockey, and DanceDanceRevolution. I bowled with my own ball, but the return machine was filthy, I will have to put my ball in the polisher this next Monday.

After the end of the party, we went up to the AlohaHaus for cake and ice cream, and rendezvoused with Elf. The girls enjoyed their treat, then went up to my room to pet the cats while the grownups hung out a bit. Then Elf left with the girls, and I returned Leslie to her car.

A fun evening.
Tags: fun, games, girls, social

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