Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 27 of 124. Legs.

This was my first "paid" session with my new trainer. We decided to do legs (I couldn't recall exactly the last time I did legs, according to my LJ it was only last Wednesday, so it was probably too soon.).

While warming up before the session began, I was noticing a pain in my right knee. I was noticing it some over the last few days, and recall noticing it tho not so much in previous sessions.

It wasn't agonizing or debilitating, but it was there, and it was very very specific. So as we run thru the exercises, it got worse and worse, and I mentioned it to the trainer, who got somewhat concerned, and we explored it a bit, and changed the exercises to take the load off of it.

Nothing's gone sproing, or snap. Best case, it's a touch of tendonitis, maybe from my cardio regimen. Slightly worse, it may be a bump on a bone, or a spot in the tendon, which has been sitting quietly for years from some minor injury, and only now flaring up due to the tendons being pulled around the knee joint while under load.

Great, already my right shoulder, my right elbow, and my right knee. I remember taking a nasty spill onto my right side from a bicycle in the early 90s onto a concrete sidewalk (trying to bike downhill in freshfallen wet snow on concrete, bad idea). Could I have done all this then?

My muscles have been doing fine, getting stronger, getting firmer, getting a little bit bigger, but my joints are betraying me! This is getting in my way! Crud! So right now I'm to lay off the cardio a bit, regularly take an anti-inflammatory, and pay attention to those joints.

Oh, and now that I'm getting in the new habit of paying such close attention while exercising, while working in the calves machine, I was noticing that my right calve was doing all the work in the down position, and my left calve was doing it all in the up position, and I was smoothly pouring the weight from one leg to the other during the lift (exactly like my Tai Chi instructor taught me to do, years ago). This drove my trainer crazy, he very carefully aligned my form, and watched closely, but I could still feel it happening.

I just could not figure out how to break the habit, so we worked out a workaround. Dial the weight down to two thirds, and do each leg separately. The only "bug" is that it moves a lot of the work to the side of the calve instead of the core, but it does load the right calve at the up, and the left calve at the bottom.

It's kind of fun, to learn all this weird stuff about my body.

Back in the early 80s, there was a TV show "The Greatest American Hero", where a random schmo was given a bundle of assorted super powers, but he lost the instruction manual. Well, I'm starting to feel the same way. All human bodies work about the same way, but there is no per person instruction manual, and the only way to work out how to do things and what the performance limits (which are constantly changing) is to experiment and feel it out.

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