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Mark Atwood
Dream. Soviet.
The last dream of the night was that I was having a semi-omniscient 3rd person view of a handful of interleaved threads of some pieces of some goings on and bits of people's lives in the Soviet Union, as of probably about 1980. Work gangs doing slovenly work cleaning up after a big meeting in a grand hall. Poorly made luxury autos pressed into service for making a poorly made propaganda film depicting life in the US. Evil bureaucrats in gray suits threatening lethal political machinations at each other. Poorly focused and reproduced slides and films giving presentations about details of local execution of the five year plan. People who lived a doublethink of really believing that with enough work and if the Capitalist Imperialist abroad and the Wreckers at home would just Go Away, the inevitable success of Marxist-Leninist Communism would, well, inevitably succeed, but at the same time going thru the motions of work while doing just a bit of black market trading on the side. The only people who actually were of integrated view were the actual American spy (who acted like the perfect Soviet worker on the outside), and the aforementioned evil bureaucrats.

I feel a little bit like Donald Duck, in that old Disney propaganda piece, after waking up and discovering that he did not, in fact, live in Germany cira 1935.


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mystic_savage From: mystic_savage Date: February 24th, 2007 10:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
I had a really powerful dream last summer about living in the Brown Zone (where there were no resources and life was very hard) on a planet that was divided into the Brown Zone and the Blue Zone. The priveleged few lived in the Blue Zone, and I tried to pass myself off as one of them, which was a federal crime and led to being imprisoned. And I had the same feeling of disorientation when I woke up. Sometimes dreams can feel more real than life.
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