Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session comped.

I got a voice mail this last weekend. My trainer had been promoted. I had known that he was bucking for it, but this was surprisingly fast. He's now the manager of the Shoreline 24 Hour Fitness. He could still be my trainer, but I would have to go to Shoreline for it.

So today was an "evaluation" session with a new trainer, one recommended/selected by this club's manager and by my old trainer.

We did a big assortment of exercises, concentrating on my triceps and lower back, and finishing with my abs. This guy is much stricter on form and isolation, which is something that, thinking about it, I much appreciate. I already have hurt my shoulder due to a form error, and my waist is stubbornly not shrinking. Being superstrict on form and doing hightech modern ab work is probably exactly what I need.

So I'll stick with him. For the time being, at least.

Also, 24 Hour Fitness's corporate office has been regularly calling me and sending me letters asking for money for some poorly stated reason. I finally "got around to it", and brought the stack of letters in and gave them to the manager, who sorted out the mistake for me. Hopefully now they will stop coming. I paid these folks a not insignificant chunk of change, and I am not happy with some poorly designed business process demanding even more for no reason.

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