Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Upgrading my MTA, looking at relayers, and my email address.

The night before last I upgraded my colo'ed mail and web server to a newer distro. Which allowed me to install a much newer mail daemon. Which allowed me to install a "greylist" antispam filter. Which cut the flood of incoming spam down to a trickle. Yay, finally.

What does make it thru, for the most part, seems to be getting in via trusted relays.

Most of it from It looks like they don't do any spam filtering at all! So I've set things so that most mail sent to goes to a trash folder. Please don't use that address.

The rest gets in via LJ's "forward mail to user". I'm doubly disappointed in them. I'm probably going to turn it off, so that doesn't work.

The address to reach me at is
Tags: geek, mail, spam, uce

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