Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Yesterday evening I went over to elfs for the celebration of his recent birthday, bringing my present (a Wacom tablet) and my potluck contribution, Devil'd Eggs, the "From Out of the Best Cooks" receipe. (That title is a Mormon culture pun, which is cute if you get it, and tiresome to explain if you dont). The party went pretty well, tho somewhat small, which fed into omahas fears from many years ago about throwing parties that no-one would attend. Hard to believe, but true. After it wound down, we watched the first "X-Men" movie.

Waking up the next day, I helped a bit, then went home, did 60m on an EC, did some chores and loved my cats, then headed into Seattle for the University District Street Fair. I had to call my sister up and rub it in just a bit, I know she's been wanting to move back to Seattle, in part because of fun stuff like this. Anyway, I met up with Elf and Omaha and the girls, and ran out the clock wandering the street fair (it shut down at 6p). The girls were pretty good, modulo some expected overstimulation and crankyness.

Omaha had a spare ticket to Yanni, so I acted as her ride and her date. It was really fun. He puts on a good show, and is a very handsome and expressive man. Much of the music was "get up and move" instead of "sit and hold still", so much of the concert had be basically dancing in my seat. Funny, it wasnt that many years ago that I almost never ever danced or moved to music...

After the show, she went to her home with Charles and River (who were sitting next to us and were the source of the tickets), and I went home myself. Stopped at QFC to get a bite to eat, and coming out, some cop was very interested in learning were I had been, who had I been with. Someting about something happening at the T G I Friday there. I shrugged, gave him some utterly minimal answers, and left.

Getting home, I had to wake up my new neighbors. They had left the lights on on their car. Even after they answered the door (it took a while), it was hard to communicate, their English isn't all that great.

I really should be getting to sleep...

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