Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The Weekend. Gym, Legs. Parties for Ratha, at the house, and for Paul.

Friday evening was papertygre's birthday party, held at Medin's Ravioli Station in Freemont/Ballard. The handmade ravioli was delicious, the company was interesting, and the conversation was pleasantly geeky. The owner of the place chatted with us, and explained how the bar worked. It was made of welded steel, and full of pipes filled with flowing heated antifreeze, thus making it pleasantly warm.

Saturday afternoon I went to the gym with solomoning. We did legs. The hip adductor machine was broken, which was annoying. I did a circuit between the leg extension and leg curl machines. I then discovered a couple of free weight leg press sled frames. I love doing inclined leg presses, and worked my way up to 410lb, eight reps, which set my legs on fire. It felt good.

When we got back home, I became the "pool boy", putting on a pair of swim shorts (not that I have much bodyshyness, but the workmen were still there, racing the deadline to get the entryway done), tossing a shot of enzymatic cleaner into the hottub, turned on all the pumps, and then jumped in, to scrub down all the surfaces, and to pull out and rinse out all the nozzles. The enzymatic destroyed all the soap and oil scum in the water, and also stripped off all the oil from my skin, which made it possible to actually turn and pull most of the "frozen" nozzles. I discovered their problem was that they had jammed up with bits of plant matter that had fallen into the water and had wormed their way past the intake screen. After finishing that up, I tossed a shot of Shock into the water, and the end of the garden hose, as the water had gotten pretty low. The shower right after felt really good, I lathered myself up twice with some high-oil conditioning soap, to replace what the enzymatic had digested.

That night was the AlohaHaus Potluck and Games Party. It was a lot of fun. The food was good, the wine excellent, the games fun, the guests plentiful and pleasant. I was happy to see amythis walk in the door, and likewise happilymyself. The hottub finally got back up to temperature after the last round of Dalmoody.

Sunday, for most of the day, I did very little, but it was a very pleasant very little.

This evening was pauldf's annual Fudge party. I got there, and discovered almost a dozen of the people were knitting. So, I zipped back home, picked up my own knitting bag, and returned.

I gave amythis a lift from the party to the ferry, and then returned home, to join my housemates in the hottub for a while.
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