Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The Weekend


All last week, the toilet next to my room had been running slowly, so I had been avoiding it. krow had promised to run the snake thru it when he got back. solomoning had been trying to keep it clear with repeated daily applications of draino and a plunger. Friday afternoon, while doing this, suddenly, it vomited forth a clot of "stuff", all over the floor. That's not supposed to be able happen without hitting the flush lever. Sol's theory is that his plunging pushed open the flapper. My theory is that something was stuck in the standpipe just where it joined, and had a head of water stuck above it. Anyway, everything in the room below got washed with bleach again. I'm rather looking forward to when this bathroom gets renovated, so it will have a sealed tile floor, and a floor drain.

Speaking of renovation, we can finally use the front door again! A little bit more finish work, and the front entry renovation will be finished. Also Christine is well into the process of moving into her new room (Brian's old room). As soon as she's done, her old room becomes Sol's new room.

Friday evening was Fish Friday. For most of the evening it was just omahas and the girls. Dinner was a yummy shrimp and couscous thing that she threw together off the top of her head, that came out really well.


Around noonish I went to the Cafe Vita to hack. Sometimes one just has to have a change of locale to work. Especially when my "office" is also my bedroom. I spend the time reading up on Google Calendar and GData, and on Atom Python libraries. I'm fearing that there may be no Python Atom library that can handle GData, and I'm not really excited about doing the GCal interface I want to do in Java, PHP, or JS. I did go thru the iCal RFC, and built an iCal file of the Solar Ephemeris (solstice, equinox, perihelion, and aphelion) from 1990 to 2020. I'm not happy that I'm doing it from some static data, I would like to compute it, or at least recompute it. However, I'm too astronomy ignorant to figure out how to use the online JPL orbital body server, and all the standalone packages I can find are either bad windows ports, or just horribly written. (Did you know that you can write FORTRAN in C? Well, the astronomy people seem to love to.)

A few hours later, the BiNet Seattle Coffee Social got underway. We had a pretty big crowd, nine people. One young lady brought a game of Set, but she was a bit outraged when we decided the fair scoring was her vs everyone else. Even though she still won at least once with that scoring.

That evening was a bd party for Sol's friend's Moc's gf. (Her name will come to me eventually.) The gimmick for the party was that everyone was supposed to dress like her. Sol thought it would be funny if he dressed like her and I dressed like Moc. But we didn't have the clothes to pull it off. When this was mentioned to Moc, he pulled us to his closet and helped pull together appropriate "costumes". It was a fun party, tho a bit loud. Lots of very funny "theater type people".


Sunday morning I went to hang out with a guy I'd known on and off online for years. It was fun to finally meet him in the flesh, so to speak.

Christine and I went shopping at CostCo. What a great store, were one can buy 25kg of bread flour, and a terabyte of disk storage, at the same place. I picked up a pair of 500GB WD myBooks, and Brian has handed me the NSLU2 that he picked up a few months ago. I've converted it over to Unslung, and now I have a terabyte of online storage, accessable via SMB, NFS, SSH, FTP, and DAAP.

Chris and Sue, of Gaia Consort, came over for dinner. They had done a concert the night before. We all crowed into the kitchen and made veggie enchiladas, and then went to soak in the tub.


I stayed up in the wee hours hacking, because I had to head out at 4am. jezel needed to be dropped off at the airport at 430am. I got back, turned in, and woke up again. And now my "morning" is, once again, noonish. Sigh.
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