Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The Weekend


This morning, while cutting some clumps and mats out of Kidde's fur, I managed to nick her. An 18yo cat has skin like old parchment. So I made a vet appt for her. Their only time was 5pm, but I showed up with her at 3, hoping to get an opportunistic bump. No luck with that. So now she's curled up sleeping next to me, with her right flank shaved and her skin patched up with a touch of surgical glue.

Today is omahas's birthday. To celebrate, elfs and I took her out to a decently nice steakhouse.

It's still cold and icy. I came within inches of sliding into the Sternberg's garage door.


solomoning and I had a really difficult conversation. Thanks much to gipsieee for helping to facilitate it, despite the handicaps of being 2500 miles away, and having just gotten done with driving back from Arisia in Boston.


The event of the day was the glitterati_club gathering at the SAAM in Volunteer Park, only about 3 blocks from my home. The outfits were fun, and the museum was wonderful. I took pictures. It was, however, way too cold and icy. amythis was unable to come because of the icy roads.

Later that evening was a housewarming party at butterflake. It was a lot of fun. I met some people I already knew, more that I sorta knew, and got to know some people better. I gave a lovely woman a ride back to her apt (if she's reading this, what's your LJ name, if any?), and then returned home to soak in the tub. Brian and Sol and Christine were already stewing. And later we were joined by three more lovely people, a friend of Brian and some friends of hers.


Was sultry_peacock's birthday. While prepping her present at the local Kinko's, I ran into red_the_squeaky and Russell (who's LJ I dont know). They were very helpful, advising me to try Bailey Coy Books for wrapping. The downside of going there was that I saw a copy of Schott's Almanac 2007 on display, and had to get a copy (for bathroom reading). Then a run to Issaquah to deliver the presents, ended up leaving them on the doorstep.

I met up with intrepid_reason for a late afternoon sushi lunch. Somehow I had left my `phone on my nightstand, so we just had to hit the rendevouz via "inertial scheduling", which did work out. Remember the days when `phones were rare luxuries, instead of a necessary tool for coordination?

That evening was the monthly Bi Seattle social. A nice handful of people showed up. I ended up with a small todo list regarding our website and email list handling. At dinner after, one of the people let out that she had been very seriously beaten in a mugging right here on CapHill just before New Year Eve, just outside her own house. There is some evidence that the thugs have done the same to other people. I hope they soon pick a bad target, and get taught a 300 ft-lb civics lesson right thru something that a doctor can't fix.

The evening ended, as so many have been doing so, in the hottub.
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