Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


I was about to graduate from some school. (Which school, it wasn't any that I've actually attended.) I needed to take a shower to get ready, but all the showers were just showerheads sticking out of the walls in the study hall. Courtesy dictated I find one that wasn't going to spray on someone else there. While soaping up, I had a conversation with someone who was selling silly little desk toys. I bought some of them.

I was standing in line for the premiere of a movie, based on a series of books. It wasn't Harry Potter, or Lemony Snicket, but the people in the line knew about those. These series was similar.

I was at a family party, which lots of big gift giving. It was either hosted by or for/about my sister and her husband. I saw on the pile of gifts on the table, a Sybian "toy", just barely concealed by a towel over it. I was concerned, was that all that appropriate to just leave out like that? I was told not to worry, so far I was the only one to have recognized it for what it was.

I had two more dream scenes to transcribe just a few minutes ago, but now they are gone. Trying to write down a dream is like trying to pick up a cobweb. The process of remembering and turning it into words, destroys it.
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