Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Woke up this morning annoyed. Annoyed because Kiddie was thinking that she should have my pillow instead of me, and because my throat and sinuses were burning. Unfun throat-cold. Not a huge surprise, my housemate ein_traum is just recovering from the same thing. I had a social visit late this morning taht I have now just cancelled, because of it.

Yesterday I helped tonyawinter work at the `Spot's new annex building, installing insulation, and cutting and hefting sheetrock. That was my back and shoulders exercise for the week. After we and the rest of the workcrew called it a day, she and I ate at Piroshiki's on Broadway, and then soaked in the tub while our filthy fiberglass covered clothes spun thru the laundry machines.

I woke up a few days ago feeling my bed shake and hearing the window rattle from the banging of the construction guys downstairs. I wondered what the frack they were doing on their work in the front entry to make so much noise. Turns out, not in the front entry. They had jumped the gun a little bit in work projects, and had started demolishing the main floor bathroom. The main living room is now covered with dust.

Thursday evening was spent out with omahas. We did something a little different, and after dinner at a thai place, we went shooting at Wades Guns in Bellevue, alternating between .22 and 9mm. The Remington 1911-style 9mm pistol from their case was really nice, it felt more accurate than my G19. Heavier, more expensive, and I'm sure it was harder to clean. As I mentioned earlier, I should have taken a picture of her blowing holes in the target paper. Very hot. After that, she and I hit the tub along with krow.

Also sometime last week, I hit the gym again, doing my chest routine. We had figured that the gym would be insanely crowded due to all the new years resolutions, so we went late at night. The gym was still very crowded then. I'm sure it's going to thin out soon. It was nice to tub after.

(Have you noticed that the tub is not going unused?)
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