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Mark Atwood
Meme: What Fantasy Archetype Are you?
This is so not a surprise.

What Fantasy Archetype Are you?

The Mentor
You are the prestigous Mentor! You're akin to Gandalf (Lord of The Rings), Merlin (ARthurian Legend), Obi Wan Kenobi (Star Wars), Aslan (Narnia), Door (Neverwhere), Dumbledore (Harry Potter) and Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander (Wizard's First Rule). You are wise and knowing, and know that there is not much time left for the Unlikely Hero to defeat The Totally Wicked Villain. Only you know the true motives and past of The Villain, so it's up to you to teach the Unlikely Hero all he has to know. Be careful as you'll invariably regret not telling The Unlikely Hero things sooner rather than later. You like teaching and often care very much for others.
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From: hollyking Date: December 31st, 2006 09:11 am (UTC) (Link)
Door is a mentor? Maybe I should read the book because she certainly wan't in the mini-series.
blackcoat From: blackcoat Date: December 31st, 2006 09:34 am (UTC) (Link)
She's also the love interest!
I'm thinking the test author didn't understand that a) Neverwhere didn't really have any standard fantasy archtypes in it, (Well, except that Richard-Richard-Mayhew-Dick was an unlikely hero.) If anyone in that book was a mentor, it was the bodyguard. And she was the traitor, too, come to think of it. Maybe the Marquis was the mentor.
From: hollyking Date: December 31st, 2006 09:47 am (UTC) (Link)
The Marquis was part of the list for The Seasoned Veteran Friend which was my result. Of course it also listed Merlin in the role.

All I can say about the quiz is it sounds like I need to read Wizard's First Rule as it's the only book I've seen in the results I haven't read.
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