Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

"What is the Matrix, you ask? The Matrix is... Control."

We all heard Morpheus say that line, four years ago, way back in 1999, and we all glossed over it because we were distracted by the fall down the rabbit hole into a discussion of the nature of reality.

But that was the most important line!

I just got home from, as you may have guessed, seeing "The Matrix Reloaded", the 3:30am showing.

Once again, what the movie was "about" was better done than what the movie "is" (i.e., the plot and the action (Tho the action was indeed very very pretty.))

"The Matrix" is about "What is the nature of reality?", with a mind warping twist on the answer. "The Matrix Reloaded" is about an even more important question, which, just like in the philosophy textbooks in the (ahem) real world, the very nature of the question is contingent on the answer to the first. That question being, of course, "What is free will?".

The plotting ground a few times, many scenes were redundant and or dragged on a bit too long, a few of the promises were not made good, but...

... but the "whoa", the rush when you realize what's really been going on is just as intense, and even more refined.

If you liked the first movie for the philsophical stuff, for anything deeper than just the surface plot and the fights, you must go see this movie. Now. If you allowed it to be spoiled for you before you see it, you will regret it.

I have two questions, which I hope will be answered in "Matrix Revolutions".

Was the Oracle in on the scam? Was she willfully duping Morpheus and Neo and the rest as part of the overall plan of the Architect? Or was she as much a dupe of the Architect as the others?

Was "the man who freed us", spoken of by Morpheus in the first movie, the man who Morpheus was reborn as Neo, "The One", was he just the "The One" from the previous cycle, from iteration number four?

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