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Christmas Eve Day was Sunday. That afternoon I dressed up some, while the rest of my family got into "Sunday clothes", and we (Mom (wurtmann), Dad, myself, LMA (pheonix_jade), Jett (jatg), and Lisa (clymerchick)) headed down to my parents' assigned LDS chapel. We stayed for the first hour of services, a series of musical performances, ended with a surprisingly well done chorus and audience together rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah.

I enjoyed it, but I would have enjoyed it more if my constant headache hadn't decided to really flare up. I was very glad to get to the bottle of analgesic when we got back to my parent's house.

After that we headed down to Springville to my sister's place. We have had a xmas eve dinner party there every year for many years now.

While heading down the freeway, with Jett in her car in front of us, one of her tires suddenly went flat. Apparently it was one that had just been recently fixed. So she pulled over, and we pulled up behind her, and Dad, LMA, and myself quickly swapped in her spare.

Suzanne (wyckhurst) and Bill (sighted) were ready for us. My nieces and nephews were fun and energetic little monkeys. Bill and I talked "shop" a little bit (he works at Novell, he was initimate part of the effort to teach the Open Source Way to the company and its staff, and now he's exasperated and unsure of what happens next). We ate dinner while smelling the wonderful huge pie that Lisa had made baking in Suz's oven. Presents were given, kids where excited, and lots of pictures were taken.

The next day, Christmas, was nice and slow. My brother Brent surprised us by showing up. His schedule had changed for the better, and he wasn't out of town after all. It may be that instead of moving to Seattle, he will be in San Francisco for a few months, working for one of the best tattoo guys on the continent.

In the afternoon, we got together and swapped gifts. Quite a change from the Christmas Days of my childhood, where many of the gifts were from Santa, and the opening of stuff was first thing in the morning.

The presents I gave where a linen chinese cut shirt for Jett, an obscure food processor item for Mom (so she can make salsa with the handcranked food processor), and a handful of truffles for everyone. I got a big candy bar from Brent, and a car survival blanket kit from Mom (a cover made from bright orange denim, stuffed with a fleece and with cool old English hospital wool blanket from the mid-1960s.). The denim and the wool had been weird thriftstore finds.

One of my mom's sisters came over to visit for a while in the evening. It was nice to see them again.

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