Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Safe Arrival

So I've arrived safely. Only an hour late. I managed to miss two turnings. I missed the interchange of I-82 off I-90 in central Washington, and ended up going thru the Haniford area instead. That way is technically shorter, but I think it's slower, because one can't keep up interstate cruise speeds on it. The more embarrassing is I missed the interchange of I-84/I-86, and didn't realize my mistake until I ended up in Pocatello. Whoops. That added an hour. I have not idea whatsoever how I missed seeing either of those. I must have gotten too involved in listening to Violet Blue's podcast (I DL'ed the entire past year to listen to).

But anyway, I'm ok. Pulled in, unloaded my stuff, said hi to my dad, said hi to my mom, made myself a homemade bread and chilisause sandwich, petted Wulfie, and established my network connection. Mmmm... internet goodness.

I'm to be bunking in the same room as pheonix_jade, who flew in this morning.
Tags: family

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